City travel cotton clothes in winter are a must-have weapon for warmth

Traveling with cotton clothes

My friends and I like to travel very much, but the northern part of Russia is particularly cold. We are too thick and bloated, and it is very difficult to take a photo of Meimei.
So we wanted to find a few winter clothes that made us not so bloated, so we found these clothes on the website, they look very nice to wear, and they don’t feel very tired when they wear them. Very relaxing.

The first one is this red cotton clothes. This cotton clothes is a very short cotton suit. The red color is very bright. Of course, there are yellow and other colors. I prefer yellow. The very thin material of this dress is very good.This autumn and winter coat looks very stylish, his inner material is down in the winter is very warm, long-sleeved antifreeze, European style is both elegant and atmospheric.This dress is very suitable for denim trousers. When we went on a trip, we took countless street shots, but unfortunately we couldn’t send it for everyone to see. In addition to denim trousers and a must-have artifact is the European Martin boots, this combination is so cool. If you don’t believe it can be tried.
cotton clothes


cotton clothes

Right, our website is also doing double eleven activities. The price is very favorable. If you also like to travel, then try this clothes and try to achieve unexpected results.

The second is a long coat. This coat is also biased towards European style long-sleeved knee pads with a long skirt, showing elegance and elegance. The knees are easy to get cold during winter trips. This knee-padded coat is very resistant to the cold and protects your health.

cotton clothes

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